Welcome to my site

An olive tree in Crete

An olive tree in Crete

In the words of the Jim Reeves song, ‘Welcome to my World …’   where much time is spent nowadays living in the slow lane.  With help from my family, friends and our medical team, I care for my husband who was diagnosed seven years ago (2007) with the Semantic form of Fronto-temporal Dementia (FTD), formerly called Pick’s Disease.  This type of dementia primarily affects younger adults – he was 65 years old at diagnosis – but with hindsight we can see that it had been developing for many years before that time. Sadly, he has now reached the severe stage of the disorder, presenting us at times with quite a challenge. For everyone’s benefit we try to do things at a pace that is comfortable for him.  My blog is about him – ‘Mr’s story.

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